YouTube Pop-up Bookmarklet

For those who find themselves wanting to pop a YouTube video out into its own window, this is the tool for you. Using the bookmarklet below, you can pop a YouTube video out into a resizable window so you can watch it while working on something else.

To use the bookmarklet, simply drag the “YouTube Pop-Up” link below to your browser bookmark toolbar (or save it anywhere in your bookmarks or favorites). Then go to a YouTube video page and click on the new bookmark. If all goes well a new window should appear with the video inside. Currently the bookmarklet only works on YouTube single video pages like this one, not other YouTube pages like channel pages.

YouTube Pop-Up

YouTube 720p Pop-Up

The bookmarklet was originally written by me, Michael Wheeler, and has been substantially improved by others. If you find it helpful, let me know on Twitter or Google+. If you find a bug or have an improvement to suggest, please report it at the GitHub issue tracker.